What is Azure App Foundry?

Created by Intergen, Microsoft’s leading partner in New Zealand, Azure App Foundry is an enterprise platform for creating Microsoft Azure cloud-based solutions quickly and easily.

Featuring a large number of pre-built components and best-practice DevOps automation tools, Azure App Foundry allows for rapid creation of mobile-first solutions to let you migrate, modernise or create cloud applications from scratch.

Azure App Foundry has already been deployed by several enterprise organisations and is being used by New Zealand Police for mission critical applications.

If it has to be developed, you should be considering Azure App Foundry to accelerate your next project.


“There is no doubt Azure App Foundry provided high levels of acceleration and quality for our project.”

- Neville Richardson, CIO Gallagher

“Azure App Foundry helped us transform a critical operational solution and improve the productivity of our team.”

- New Zealand Police

“We are very excited at the opportunities Azure App Foundry will provide customers to unlock cloud innovation.

– Sarah Bowden, One Commercial Partner Director, Microsoft


Striking the right balance

Azure App Foundry strikes the right balance between a fully customised solution and a configured off-the-shelf offerings from both Microsoft and other SaaS providers such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Office 365, PowerApps or one of the many Low Code development platforms. Azure App Foundry provides high levels of flexibility and rapid implementation, but with significantly lower cost and reduced risk with pre-built and tested components that can be configured by engineers.

With a fully customised solution, you typically have a high level of flexibility to meet your requirements. However, developing a secure, scalable and high-performance solution from scratch can come with high cost and a relatively high risk of failure.

Conversely, a configured off-the-shelf solution will typically cost less and can be deployed faster. But the ability to meet specific requirements and develop innovative new features may be limited. With cloud software-as-a-service solutions, you are also forced to adapt to high rates of change with frequent updates.


Reduced development time

Extensive library of configurable components to rapidly create your application. No more re-inventing the wheel.

Enterprise ready

Enterprise-level architecture providing security, scalability, flexibility, and high availability with geo-redundancy.

Powered by Microsoft Azure

Powered by the #1 cloud technology stack supporting the NZ GCIO due diligence framework.

Best practice DevOps

Best practice automated Azure DevOps: build, deploy, test, and monitor across applications and infrastructure.

Backed by local experts

Our award-winning team of local engineers based in AUS and NZ will enable you to succeed with a DevOps model.

Field tested

Enterprise organisations trust Azure App Foundry to deliver mission critical enterprise applications.

Use Cases

Azure App Foundry can be used for any developed solution, but is best suited for the following scenarios:

  • Modernise legacy applications – Breathe new life into legacy applications, leveraging cloud innovation by either refactoring or exposing them through the Azure App Foundry.

  • Mobile applications – Quickly deliver responsive applications to your business users or customers.

  • Portals – Integrate with your line of business systems and provide rich portals to your business users or customers.

  • IOT management – Harness Internet of Things (IoT) devices for management and maintenance including dashboards, reporting and alerts.
  • Emergency management – Manage critical events, communication and collaboration.

  • Field service – Provide job scheduling and workforce management to a large field force of employees and contractors.

  • Business to business – Offer a secure portal to B2B customers to manage orders and access information from Microsoft Dynamics.

  • Registry databases – Modernise registry databases containing large quantities of customer or inventory data.

Still unsure? Let us help you decide

Get in touch for an Azure App Foundry consultation, or alternatively based on your needs, a free one-day consultation with our experts to help assess the right Microsoft technology for your next project. We are the leader in Microsoft Azure, Dynamics, Office 365 and the Power Platform and can help you decide the right way forward.

Tech Specs

If you’re technically minded, you might want to know a bit more about what’s under the hood of Azure App Foundry. Here are the capabilities you’ll get out-of-the-box, with new features being developed regularly

Core Features

- Entity configuration
- User-defined navigation, dashboards, lists and forms
- ArcGIS mapping and locations of interest
- Office 365 or Azure Blob for document storage
- Workflow support through Azure LogicApps
- Azure and Office 365 search integration
- Extensive Auditing
- Extensive security management
- Notifications, alerts and subscriptions
- Calendaring
- Data import/export
- Lightweight content management
- Charts
- Resource scheduling
- Flexible layout and branding
- Mobile responsive

Enterprise DevOps Capabilities

- Multi-authentication provider support
- Kubernetes design for low-cost Azure consumption
- High scalability through Cosmos DB
- High availability through geo-redundancy
- Geo-redundant asynchronous messaging
- Extensible with APIs, custom pages and controls
- Best practice automation to build, test, deploy, monitor


Azure App Foundry can be thought of as five distinct layers. The Experience layer provides the rich responsive interface to end-users through devices they choose. The Application layer provides the main capabilities which are configured, extended and integrated with external Line of Business applications. The Storage Layer provides high-performance storage for large numbers of concurrent users. Finally, the DevOps layer provides best practice automation and environment management.

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